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since 2016 Ph.D. Programme in History

Department of Ecclesiastical History and Patrology

Catholic Theological Faculty | Charles University | Prague | Czech Republic

Ph.D. thesis:  Adomnán of Iona: De Locis Sanctis (Translation, Commentary and Analysis)

Supervisor: Doc. PhDr. Petr Kubín, Ph.D.

2011–2016 Master’s Programme in Latin Medievalistic (Mgr.)

Department of Greek and Latin Studies

Faculty of Arts | Charles University | Prague | Czech Republic

Supervisor: Mgr. et Mgr. Iva Adámková, Ph.D.

2007–2010 Bachelor’s Programme in Czech Philology – Latin Philology (Bc.)

Department of Czech StudiesDepartment of Classical Philology

Faculty of Arts | Palacky University | Olomouc | Czech Republic

Supervisor: Doc. PhDr. Helena Bauerová

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Scholarships & Internships


2017 (3 months, October 1 – December 31) Aktion

Institute of Medieval Research

Austrian Academy of Science | Vienna | Austria


2018 (7 months, March 1 – September 30) Erasmus + Intern

Institute of Austrian Historical Research

Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies | University of Vienna | Austria

2010–2012 Intern

Department of Paleoslavistics and Byzantology

Institute of Slavonic Studies | Academy of Science Czech Republic | Prague | Czech Republic

2007–2010 Intern

Department of Classical Philology

Faculty of Arts | Palacky University | Olomouc  | Czech Republic

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  • German (begginer)
  • Latin


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FALÁTKOVÁ, M.: Utváření obrazu Jeruzaléma  v Adomnánově itineráři De locis sanctis, 2017.

Formation of  Jerusalem’s image in Adomnán’s itinerary De locis sanctis

Short description:

The poster is dedicated to itinerary De locis sanctis (On Holy places)  of Irish monk Adomnán (d. 704) and desricribe a supposed sources of the first book of this text.


MARTINKOVÁ, M. (provd. Falátková): Husova staročeská postila v latinském překladu. In: Usta ad Albim Bohemica 1802-825X Roč. 13, 2013, č. 1, s. 31-36 13:1.

Latin Translation of Master John Hus’s Оld Czech Cycle of Sunday Sermons 


The main purpose of this article is re-open the question of middle-age Latin translation of Master John Hus’s Оld Czech Cycle of sunday sermons. This translation can be found in two manuscrips located in Moravian Library in Brno. Origin of these manuscripts is from 15th century. This is evidence of the translation from Czech into Latin.

MARTINKOVÁ, M. (provd. Falátková): K vybraným problémům latinsko-staroslověnské lístkové kartotéky z archivní pozůstalosti V. Tkadlčíka. In: Bohemica Olomucensia 2, Olomouc 2011, s. 52-57.

Towards Selected Aspects of Latin-Old Church Slavonic Card Index Catalog of V. Tkadlčík´s Archival Estate


This article is dedicated to Latin-Old Church Slavonic card index from the estate of a prominent Czech paleoslovenist Vojtěch Tkadlčík. In the first part of the article, I go back to the beginning of my research and present the given material. Then I report on the progress of my research, the chosen methodological procedure and the partial results of research. Finally, I briefly touch upon the issue of Latin and Old Church Slavonic lexicography.


Ph.D. Thesis

Adomnán of Iona: De Locis Sanctis (Translation, Commentary and Analysis)


The Ph.D. thesis is focused itinerary about the Holy Land  – On Holy Places (lat. De locis sanctis) of Adomnán of Iona (d. 704). It is dedicated to the topography of Jerusalem and its role in the reception of Bible during the early middle ages. The results of Ph.D. thesis will be the Czech translation with commentary of Adomnán’s itinerary and narratology analysis.

Illustration of Czech translation