Work experience

2018–2019 👉 Internship


Institute of Medieval Research

Austrian Academy of Sciences

2018–2019 👉 Erasmus + Internship (1 year, 2018 March 1 – 2019 February 28)


Institute of Austrian Historical Research

Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies

University of Vienna, Austria

since 2018 👉 Lectures of Ecclesiastical History (co-working with Petr Kubín)


Department of Ecclesiastical History and History of Literature

Catholic Theological Faculty

Charles University, Prague

2010–2012 👉 Internship


Department of Paleoslavistics and Byzantology

Institute of Slavonic Studies

Academy of Science Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic

2007–2010 👉 Internship


Department of Classical Philology

Faculty of Arts

Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic