2016 Magister in Medieval Latin Studies (Mgr.)
2010 Bachelor in Czech Philology and Latin Philology (Bc.)

since 2016 👉 Ph.D. Programme in History (Ecclesiastical History and History)

Department of Ecclesiastical History and Literary History (Catholic Theological Faculty, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic)

Ph.D. thesis: Picture of the Holy Land in Adomnán’s De locis sanctis

Supervisor: Prof. Petr Kubín

Specialist advisor: Dr. Jiří Šubrt

2011–2016 👉 Master’s Programme in Philology (Medieval Latin Studies)

Department of Greek and Latin Studies (Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic)

2007–2010 👉 Bachelor’s Programme in Philology (Czech Philology – Latin Philology)

Department of Czech StudiesDepartment of Classical Philology (Faculty of Arts, Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic)